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Astra Garage is a one stop workshop for your vehicle, offering outstanding quality services.

Whether you are looking for advice, repair or service, we can offer a full package from outsourcing the parts, to fitting and servicing your vehicle.

Astra Garage was founded in June 2020, following Ceo, Sabri Salim’s passion in cars and part, under Astraline Group of companies.

Astraline Group of Companies, has extensive experience in business and offering the best service to customers from logistics, to outsourcing spare parts, motor vehicles and now a garage.

We offer services to individuals and cooperates :-

  1. Inspection and Checks
  2. Electronic Services & Diagnosis
  3. Air Conditioning Service
  4. Engine Service
  5. Brake Service
  6. Tyre Fitting


Astra Garage will bring your vehicle back to life and offer your vehicle the special treatment it deserves .




  1. We can provide professional servicing and maintenance work with no loss of
    manufacturer warranty coverage.
  2. For all vehicle models of any age, even new ones.
  3. Complete with manufacturer and mobility guarantee.
  4. Recording of all work in service booklet.

multiple point check

  1. Rather than sending your car for a basic service, ask Astra Garage for a thorough multi- point chore.
  2. Improves safety and reliability.
  3. Increases fuel efficiency.
  4. Decreases overall cost of ownership.
  5. Helps to retain resale value

Electronic Service & Diagnosis


Avoid any inconvenience of your car battery

  1. Detects battery deterioration before failure occurs.
  2. High-quality replacement batteries used.
  3. Proper disposal of old batteries.
Electronic Service
  1. Astra Garage Mechanics are able to provide the full spectrum of electrical and electronic service, from diagnosing and repairing problems with the computerised system of your vehicle to checking and changing your battery.
  2. Trained and equipped to deal with electronic and electrical problems.
  3. Clear explanation of complex issues.
  4. High-quality replacement parts used.

Air conditioning Service

Astra Garage experts will be pleased to service your air conditioning system.

  1. Enjoy a consistently pleasant temperature.
  2. Filter out many airborne contaminants.
  3. Avoid unpleasant aircon odours
Oil and Filter Change

An oil and filter change might seem like a routine service, but requesting it from Astra Garage has some major advantages.

  1. High-quality oil and oil filter used.
  2. Responsible oil disposal.
  3. Enhances the car’s service record.
Engine and Car Diagnostic

A computerised car diagnostic check from Bosch Car Service will give you a true picture of how your vehicle is running.

  1.  Fault analysis with the latest diagnostic equipment.
  2. Adjustment for optimum performance and emissions
  3. For all common vehicles and engine management systems.
  4. Workshop personnel trained to an advanced level


  1. Brake repair and maintenance at a Astra Garage is guaranteed to ensure safety.
  2. Brake replacement parts that comply with manufacturer specifications are always used
  3. All brake parts that deteriorate are covered in our brake check service
  4. Our knowledge and equipment are second to none


Diagnosing and repairing car safety features

  1. You can trust the specialists at Astra Garage to diagnose and repair problems with any electronic safety system in your vehicle.
  2. Diagnostic capability for all safety systems and types of vehicle.
  3. State-of-the-art equipment and skills.
  4. Bosch expertise in diagnostic equipment directly benefits workshop staff.


 Tyre fitting providers are not all alike 

  • When you ask Astra Garage to replace your tyres, we provide a lot of extra value.
  • Tyre selection and positioning advice
  • Skilled and careful balancing and alignment
  • Seasonal tyre storage


1. 24-hour reception: We are available around the clock
You can bring in your vehicle whenever you want. In the evening or during the night simply park your car on our forecourt. 

2. Direct reception: We offer expert advice and clear explanations
When we accept your order we are happy to discuss the work involved and explain it to you on the vehicle, so you know straight away what we intend to do and why, as well as what it will cost. With our direct reception service you enjoy expertise and clarity right from the start.

3. Replacement vehicle: We keep you on the road
If required, you can have the use of one of our replacement vehicles, so you can keep on the move and save time.

4. Pick-up service: We will be pleased to come to you – If you are not able to bring in the vehicle yourself, we will gladly come to you. On request we will pick up your vehicle and bring it back to wherever you want when it is ready. This service is of course available on just a one-way basis as well.


5. Pick-up service: We will be pleased to come to you – If you are not able to bring in the vehicle yourself, we will gladly come to you. On request we will pick up your vehicle and bring it back to wherever you want when it is ready. This service is of course available on just a one-way basis as well.

6. • Service booklet: We always keep you well informed
• With our free service booklet you can keep a constant eye on when your car is due for service and inspection. So you can be sure of never missing any important deadlines.

7. Your service booklet also provides a record of all service work performed such as vehicle checks, oil change, general inspections and exhaust emission testing. You can always see everything at a glance. And should you ever wish to sell your car, your Astra Garage booklet serves as a trustworthy record of regular servicing.

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