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Our shipments area mainly from UK to East Africa. We also have shipments from USA, Canada, Dubai, Ghana on rare occasions, mostly when we have collected enough cargo. We can also arrange shipments worldwide depending on nature of goods and volume/ weight.

Rates may change time to time, but we charge an a minimum of €5 per KG up to €2o per Consignment.

Depending on type of vehicle or service, we charge €450 per CBM and Bikes, €980 for Saloon Cars, €1050 for 4X4 and €2700 for Trucks.

Note: The rates for motor vehicles do not include custom clearance

You pay full amount when invoice is issued. Please note that we will not proceed with shipment unless full payment has reflected in our company accounts.

Volume weight also called dimensional weight is used when the size of the parcel is higher than the dead weight. Sometimes you may be charged per volume of your parcel because of the space the package occupies as it may cost more the actual weight of the package. Actual weight and volume weight are compared, then you will be charged according to whichever is greater.

Volume weight is calculated as follows: Height X Length X Width/ 6000

For UK shipments takes approximately 7 Days after we receive the cargo in UK office. For other countries depends on how much cargo we have at the time.

There is no extra cost or hidden fee when we outsource and purchase goods on your behalf using our card or other mode of payment. You will simply pay for shipping (€5 per KG and €20 handling per Consignment).

Yes, we can collect from your location (charges apply accordingly). We can also deliver to your doorstep (Charges apply accordingly to your location).

Yes, you can choose a website that is not included in the list. However, we encourage our customers to use trusted sites to avoid any complications. We do not deal with websites such as Alibaba.

The consignor (or Shipper) is a person who is originator of the shipment, in other words the sender. A consignee is the person who is the receiver of the shipment.

Depending on a country a cargo is coming from, a minimum weight can be below 1KG up to 300KGs.

We accept bank transfers, Paypal and Mobile money-Mpesa. 

Unfortunately, we only take a minimum of 300KGs from China. For Canada, it will depend on the phone but we charge $22 per KG plus $20 handling per Consignment. We recommend that you purchase from UK as we have more frequent shipments up to twice a week with no minimum weight.

Yes, you can. We will invoice you and we will label the big box your name.

Please label the parcels accordingly with full details including contact number which will use to inform them on arrival.

Note: No parcel will be released unless full payment has reflected in our company accounts.


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